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Informate has partnered with Easy R&D who can help you benefit from the HMRC R&D Tax relief scheme

R&D Tax Credits made easy for you.

Easy R&D are one of the UK's most successful R&D Tax Credit consultancy teams, we transform businesses every day. Averaging £54,000 per claim, our expert consultants will help unlock capital for your business to support innovation and growth.

Claim back up to 33% of your R&D spend.

You could be surprised to discover that R&D is embedded in the daily goings-on of your business. Absolutely any industry is entitled to claim back up to 33% of its R&D spend, and there doesn’t need to be an R&D department, scientist, or white lab coat in sight for your business to qualify.

Can my company claim?

The criteria for claiming are purposefully broad, allowing a large number of UK SMEs to access the scheme.

Every year Easy R&D helps 1,000’s of businesses, across differing sectors nationwide apply for the R&D tax credits that they deserve. The specialist team of:

  • R&D tax consultants

  • HMRC trained advisors

  • Technical report writers

not only help to identify the R&D and optimise the tax relief available but support you throughout the claims process, every step of the way.

To find out more, get in touch with the Easy R&D team now.

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