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Data & Database Cleansing

How We Work

Ensuring your data is up to date and accurate is not only protective for your brand but ensures minimal wasted postage, telephone and dialler costs. Compliance with the Data Protection Act and GDPR (Principle d – Data must be accurate and up to date) is key to every company especially with the increase in misuse of data and focus on compliance and security of data.

Informate offers a wide range of services that can assist in every aspect of data accuracy and compliance. An ideal way to identify if your database requires any aspect of cleansing we offer a Free No Obligation Data Audit to show information such as:

  • The number of correct addresses held and how many we can update

  • Identify the number of duplicates at different levels (Individual / Surname / Address)

  • Identify how many Deceased Individuals are in the file

  • Identify how many have Moved with no forwarding address

  • Identify how many have Moved and a New Address is available

  • Identify if a Business has Moved or Ceased Trading


                                      To take advantage of the Free Data Audit please contact us using the Chat below.

Many changes occur every day from individuals moving house or passing away, companies closing or moving premises, debtors absconding leaving debts behind in a hope to escape repaying them or even a straight forward change of telephone number. All of these occurrences mean a database can show signs of decay very quickly.

Informate offer a comprehensive range of services to assist in the limitation of this. With so many Suppression and Data Files available it is difficult to ascertain which one would most suit your database. We therefore offer a solution whereby we simplify the files into categories providing a straight forward offering of:

  • Gone Aways

  • Movers

  • Deceased

  • Telephone Number Appending (Landlines, Mobiles, & Consented Non Listed Numbers)

  • Preference Services

  • Email Address Appending and Verification

  • HLR Screening (Mobile Verification - UK and International)

  • Landline Number Verification (ensuring Live Numbers remain helping Dialler Efficiency)

Behind the scenes you can be assured that we have every file available and therefore remove the need to pick and chose which one you feel is most suitable to your data. A Free No Obligation Data Audit to show what benefits we can add to your data is available. Simply Contact Us at your convenience to arrange this.

Data & Database Cleansing: Services
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