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FIX Services

Our FIX Services were designed to provide a Quick and Simple Service to help correct, update or enhance the data or information you hold on your Customers, Clients and/or Prospects.

  • Name FIX - You may have an Incorrect Name, A Missing Name, A Spelling Mistake in the Name. Using our Name FIX Service we can correct these using our comprehensive database of Verified UK Names. It is a known fact that incorrect names or The Occupier addressed letters are disregarded without opening so the cost of this can be significant and could also damage your Brand and Reputation with a Customer. 

  • Address FIX - The cost of a stamp, paper, printing, and envelopes is always increasing so it is so important to reduce the Returned Mail you receive as a result of having an incorrect Address. A correct Address also allows you to apply for Royal Mail Bulk Postage Discounts such as Mailsort. Postcodes are regularly changed and updated so our simple Address FIX Service will help reduce your wasted postage costs. 

  • Phone FIX - Telephone numbers (Landline and Mobiles) change everyday at between 60,000 and 100,000 changes per day. This can be as a result of the allocation of a New Telephone Number, Disconnected Numbers (or Temporary Disconnected), Deleted Numbers or Numbers that Move to another Address. The cost of dialling a wrong number is much more expensive than our simple Phone FIX Service.

  • Email FIX - Email addresses are sometimes incorrectly spelt on Web Forms or simply falsified with an invalid email address. Our Email FIX Service can help and provide you with a correct, compliant and consented email address.

To find out more please contact us to discuss your individual requirements.​

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