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Credit Assessment

Debt and Credit Services

Tracing Absconding Debtors & Employment and Pre-litigation Reports

Tracing is a very specialised area and Informate work with many organisations providing data to assist in this area. We have a fully automated tracing service allowing you to process large batches of data at any one time with a number of additional enhancements that you wouldn’t get from using an online or standard trace service.

We also offer the ability to credit profile individuals which can be used for credit provision and campaigns through to ranking risk on collection and gone away cases where you are unsure if the customer will have the ability to pay once you make contact with them which can result in a costly and wasted exercise to find an individual who actually has no means of paying or is currently under an IVA or Bankruptcy Order.

We also provide Full Manual Tracing Service using specialised Investigator, Other Services for Debt Recovery available are:-

  • Employment Reports

  • Pre-litigation Reports

To find out more about these services that we offer please Contact us  now by email or telephone.

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