Debt Solutions

No matter what business you are in, or how thorough your credit control procedures are, sadly there will always be occasions when recovering a debt is not possible. With our help, there is no longer any need to tolerate non-payment.
When your own attempts to collect outstanding monies have been exhausted and you have decided to seek assistance from a third party, we can help.
We can collect or purchase your aged / outstanding debts whether they have been previously returned as uncollectable, or are simply gathering dust in a filing cabinet.
Through a new process developed with our Partners, we can provide you with a solution and payment for debts which are currently dormant; Parking Fines, Council Taxes and Sundry debts are all debts we can assist in collecting or purchasing.
Our knowledge in working with debtor information in the Debt Recovery sector gives us perfect insight and expertise to make this an attractive proposition for Local Authorities. From the outset, we will offer prompt action and solid advice on the way forward for you.

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